An Introduction

Welcome to Four Boys and a Dog! This is a blog dedicated to all things boy (but girls are of course welcome). I’m Chelsea, the creator and writer. I am 17 weeks pregnant with baby boy number 4 and that’s partly why I decided to write this blog. 27540510_10155502301813983_709664190913280179_nIf you have sons (or daughters who aren’t big on pink and frills) you’ve probably noticed that the girl section at the store is often bigger than the boy section. You’ve probably seen a thousand boutiques for little girls with adorable outfits and bows and jewelry and wondered why they don’t have more places like that geared towards boys. Why can I find a thousand pink and frilly baby dolls and accessories but the only boy dolls are hard to find and you’d be hard pressed to find anything to go along with it that isn’t pink?

Now, I’ve got nothing against my boys playing with pink baby dolls. That said, kids are observant. They notice the girls section is covered in pink and the boys section is not. And then they notice that the baby dolls are all pink and they naturally come to the conclusion that baby dolls are for little girls. I have never once made my children feel like toys are for girls and boys, and somehow they have still always come to the conclusion that, “Ewwww, that’s for girls.” Now all of a sudden they have the idea that babies are for girls and tools are for boys. Cooking is for girls and cars are for boys. So I’m on a mission to find gender neutral options for our kids. I’m on a mission to find cute boutique clothing for boys that won’t break the bank. This site will eventually have kid friendly recipes, organizing and decorating ideas, toy reviews, beginner’s guides to card games and video games, and so much more. So please stay tuned and I hope that you will find this site helpful and fun!



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