Motherhood Maternity Sale


Motherhood Maternity is having a great sale right now on maternity and nursing clothes. All clearance clothing is an additional 40% off, which adds up to some really awesome savings. I’ve been eyeballing a maxi skirt that is only $11.98 after discounts. They have t-shirts for nearly $8, jeans, I saw a couple swimsuits as well.

I always say I’m not going to buy more maternity clothes each pregnancy, but inevitably, I’ve worn out some of my favorite pieces over the years and considering most of my clothes get worn long after my kids are born, that doesn’t help. But I also can’t stomach the idea of paying full price for comfortable clothes. Lots of women wear their husband’s shirts and what not, but my husband is thinner than I am, so that’s not ever going to happen. So I need something comfy but that doesn’t make me feel frumpy when I have to run errands or volunteer at my kid’s schools.

This deal has been my savior every pregnancy. They also usually have their nursing bras buy 3 get 1 free as well which isn’t a GREAT deal, but it works when I’m in a pinch. If you aren’t in immediate need, sometimes they have nursing bras on clearance which is a better deal in my experience. Target has also started carrying nursing bra, although I haven’t tried them yet. They are generally cheaper though, so I probably should give them a try, I just haven’t been able to find my size in stores and I don’t like buying bras online.


They actually just had the same sale not long ago and I managed to score a pair of jeans, two tank tops, and a summery cardigan for around $30. So go to your local store if you have one nearby or just shop online and snag some good maternity/nursing deals while the sale is going on.



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