Target Kid’s Clothing Sale

Target has become one of my favorite places for clothes for my boys. It’s so hard to find clothes that are different from the standard sports clothes and jeans and button ups that most stores carry while also being affordable for the average family. I got an email today about the Target Cartwheel app having a deal on kids and toddler clothing and shoes for 20% off. So of course I had to go check it out.

Firstly, their Easter stuff in the toddler/baby section is absolutely adorable this year. I ended up not getting anything right then, but I’m seriously considering going back. The romper on the mannequin was $9.99, so only $8.00 after the deal. But even more awesome is that they have their summer clothes out. In the toddler section, they had shorts for as low as $5. So only $4 a pair after 20% off. Even better, the Cat & Jack line guarantees their clothes for a year if you keep your receipt. Anyone with rough children knows that can be a lifesaver. They also had graphic T-shirt’s for as low as $4.50 in the toddler section, so only $3.60 for some cute T-shirt’s with this deal. And even better, I just looked online and they have two packs of the $5 shorts for $9.50 and then an extra 20% off. So you can shop online and get an even better deal!

In the boys section, they had relaxed fit jeans for $8.99 and most of the other Cat & Jack jeans were $12.99. And I can say these have held up great for us. All of the Cat & Jack clothes are great for my skinny kids as well, which isn’t always the case with kids clothes. Most of their shorts and sweatpants have functional drawstrings which is amazing for the price considering up until recently I couldn’t find ANY shorts or sweats with a functional drawstring. So go stock up on clothes at Target and share your haul!


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