Babies R Us & Toys R Us Closings

Most of you have probably already heard that Toys R Us is closing a bunch of stores all over the US. They sent out an email saying that closing deals will start today with items up to 30% off. At a glance it sounds like it may be a decent deal, but many items at Toys R Us are priced higher than they are at other retailers or on sites such as Amazon. So before just rushing out to buy a new stroller or a crib at a discount, remember to use a couple strategies to make sure you are actually getting a deal.


Bring your phone or plan ahead and look up items you are interested in buying. Do the math. Is the price at Babies R Us or Toys R Us actually lower than what you could get the same item for on Amazon? If not, you might just want to pass. Also make sure you are asking about return policies. Will items you buy at a discount be returnable online or in a different location? You don’t want to buy something and then realize it’s broken or not quite what you wanted after all but now you’re stuck with it or have to sell it at a loss.

If something is cheaper than you can get it elsewhere, you might want to go ahead and get it now and not wait to hopefully get a better deal later on. Yes, many stores will mark stuff down even further as the closing date draws nearer. But don’t count on the things you want being available then. I have missed out on a lot of good deals by waiting and hoping for an even better deal.

So if you have a local store that is closing, go check it out. You might walk out with some amazing stuff for a bargain, but don’t just look at the price there and impulse buy when there’s a good chance that this early on you can potentially get it for a better price elsewhere. But it’s definitely worth a look. Just last year I got a stroller and carseat travel set at Target in the clearance section for $50. Originally priced at about $189. If you go check out a store closing and find a good deal, post it in the comments!


Lego Dimensions: A Review

All right, so my 5 year old is a die hard Lego fan. He loves Ninjago and we’ve been to Lego Land several times and he’s still as obsessed now as he was over a year ago. So back in August, I got him Lego Dimensions for our PS4 to try out. He plays video games with his uncle and dad sometimes and seems to enjoy them so I figured it’d be a fun thing for us to do together.

Some levels/add ons are probably not age appropriate and the game is admittedly a little hard for a 5 year old. But overall, he loves this game and I even play it myself sometimes. There’s lots of child appropriate add ons like the Fantastic Beasts story pack or the Powerpuff Girls Theme Pack. He enjoys helping us put together the characters and vehicles when we get new sets and overall the game is simple enough for him even though he does need some help. It’s also multiplayer so we can play together which is a big plus for me.

Word of advice: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF YOUNG CHILDREN WHEN NOT BEING USED!!! Especially if you have younger children in the house. Because there is nothing more frustrating than losing pieces of characters and vehicles. Also, buy a storage container for everything and keep it put away. I recommend something like this. LifeSmart USA Stackable Storage Container Blue – 50 Adjustable Compartments

So while this game is probably more suitable for children (and adults) aged 7+ or so, I definitely have no regrets in getting it for my 5 year old, and his 3 year old brother even likes to play with him sometimes just making the little characters run around and break things. I do highly recommend this game for your lego lovers. Some of the characters change as you get further in to game play, so if you have any additional pieces after building them, keep track of them. It’s an additional level of interaction that makes it more interesting. Different types of characters can unlock different features and find items you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise, so try to build up a fun variety of characters. Some of my favorite packs are the Harry Potter Team Pack and the Scooby Doo Team Pack.

So seriously, get this game for your game loving kids. There’s lots of humorous lines from the characters and the additional packs open up new worlds you can explore so it’s really an expansive game with a lot to do and enjoy. Let me know what you think if you try out the game or if you already have it!