Instant Pot Kroger Marketplace Deal

So as a mom of four boys, dinner time can often be hectic. I’ve had to try and make one pot meals more and more, especially on nights/days when we have a lot going on. My crockpot gave out not long ago though so this has been more of a challenge. After hearing so many good things about the Instant Pot, I decided it was time to give it a try. It sounded too good to be true. Well, I can firmly say that it is now my absolute favorite cooking tool.

If you’re like me though, the thought of spending $100 on a small kitchen appliance is a lot to swallow. That’s part of the reason it’s taken me so long to purchase one. I ended up getting a FANTASTIC deal at Kroger Marketplace with their Clicklist pickup, but it’s still a good deal even if you don’t have both coupons. So here’s what I did.


Kroger has the Instant Pot Lux on sale. The 8 qt. is $99.99, the 6 qt. is $79.99, and the 3 qt. is $59.99. Now, I will say that if you have a larger family like I do, I’d go with the 8 qt. A lot of people told me the 6 qt. would be good enough, and so far it has been, but I imagine we will have to upsize when my boys are older and all in activities. Even now we sometimes don’t have leftovers depending on what I’m making and leftovers are essential if I want to pack my husband a lunch. So if you have a large family, go with the 8 qt. You will need to load the coupons for this purchase onto your Kroger card. So head over to the Digital Coupons page and look for $10 off a Housewares Purchase coupon. So you may have also gotten an email if you are already a customer and haven’t used clicklist for $20 off of your clicklist pickup order of $50 or more. If you did, you can use this on top of the $10 off for a total of $30 in savings. I got the 6 qt. Instant Pot for $54.00 after tax. It is overpriced normally at Kroger compared to other retailers, but even on Amazon it’s $79.99 and rarely on sale. So even with just the $10.00 coupon, you are getting a better deal on it. So go check it out if you have a local Kroger Marketplace!


Pantry Organization System – Algot Series from IKEA

So I posted yesterday about my kid’s bedroom closet that we just redid. We used the Algot series from IKEA to redo their entire closet (bins, light, and all) for under $200. It turned out amazing and it’s such a better use of space now. Well, our pantry was also a mess. There were uprights in there that were supposed to hold brackets for shelves that were literally falling out of the walls. The previous owners had shelves of all different sizes and colors. It was ugly and it wasn’t very functional. Not to mention, it’s under the stairs, so it’s just a really awkward space for a pantry.

Before of the pantry without the shelves. Should have gotten a before photo with them in.

After seeing how well the kid’s closet turned out, I went to the Algot Planning Tool Here and designed the pantry. It cost about $160 for the entire system that we custom designed and the bins that I bought to make things more organized.



There’s still a little bit of patching and painting to do and I want to rip out the carpet (because why the heck is their carpet in a pantry), but I love how it turned out. I got a three pack of bins that can stack if you want for our onions, potatoes, and seasoning mixes at Walmart. They cost around $5 for the pack.


Then I got these brown bins at Big Lots for $3.50 apiece to keep things like pasta, fruit cups, and spreads/condiments together.


And last (but not least), I use these awesome pull out baskets that we put up from the Algot system to store things like chips, bread, fruit, and easy to grab snacks.


Seriously, IKEA is probably my go to for all things storage from now on. It’s affordable and it works and so far, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of their Algot line. It seems very sturdy and honestly, while something from somewhere like the Container Store might be a little more high quality, you will pay more than twice as much for something comparable. And if your kids are anything like mine, they’d still probably end up trying to color on it or destroy it at some point and you’d end up having to replace or repaint a $50 shelf instead of a $5 shelf.

Next, I’ll show you our master closet transformation. There’s some products in our closet that we didn’t use anywhere else that you won’t want to miss!

Kid’s Closet System

So we have three boys with one on the way. The two oldest share a bedroom and the baby still sleeps in our room. Eventually he and his unborn baby brother will share the other bedroom that is currently an office. But since our house isn’t exactly monstrous and the closets are definitely on the small side for sharing, we had to get creative with our storage.

The closet in the boy’s room originally only had one bar for hanging clothes. That’s just not enough of a storage solution for the clothes, shoes, and toys of three kids. If you’ve ever looked at storage solutions at places like the Container Store, you know that it can be expensive. The good news is that there are cheaper options for a family on a budget.


When an IKEA opened close to our house, I was ecstatic. I went to the opening to see what I could find for our house and saw these closet systems that seemed like they would be perfect. The only downside is that the shelves and accessories to build the closets only come in a few sizes so you might end up with a little bit of unused space, but so far it hasn’t been much of an issue with us and we have redone our pantry, master closet, and kid’s closet. The series is called Algot and you can find the closet planning tool HERE. I got everything, including the plastic bins, from IKEA. There wasn’t a light in the closet, so I bought a motion sensor light that you are techincally supposed to screw in, but I didn’t want to screw anything in to the bottom of my top shelf, so I bought some command strips and put it up that way.


The total cost came in under $200. And it was 100% worth it. They have smaller pull out bins that would work great for underwear, socks, and pjs and what not if you don’t have anywhere else to store them outside of the closet. We luckily have some space for a couple cube organizers where we put all of the kids underwear and pjs and things like books. All you need to plan a closet is the dimensions of the space. Make sure to take depth into account because that’s the one thing the planner doesn’t input which caused us to have to re-plan to closet after I realized the pull out bins wouldn’t work where I originally put them.


So check out the Algot closet planner and if you end up building an IKEA closet, let me know how it goes for you!